President's Message

Hello PPRC Members,

A year ago this month, we gathered at the Marriott for our March chapter meeting.  We listened to two excellent speakers and had a great dinner together.  Who would have known that would be the last time we were able to meet in person? 

With the presence of vaccines and lowering case counts worldwide, we are now in a position to evaluate when we can conduct our next in person event.  We have not committed to a specific date yet, but be aware we are actively looking at  when that may happen.  We've added a Covid safety volunteer to our team to help guide us through that process. 

I'd also like to share that we plan on continuing to provide online options for our chapter meetings and events, whenever possible.  That provides each of us the ability to manage our personal risk while still being able to connect with our peers and earn PDUs.  We've also been able to interact with chapter members that were previously unable to attend events due to distance constraints.  Due to the safety benefits and ability to include more chapter members - we believe that online options will be integrated with chapter offerings going forward. 

We also are excited to announce that the March chapter events will be FREE.  We felt that free PDU opportunities would be a nice benefit for all chapter members.

Look for two important changes this month:

New Payment System - The vendor that we use to manage our website and event registrations has ended support for PayPal.  We have since transitioned to a new service, StarChapter Pay, that integrates directly with our website and results in improved services for our members.  The payment process will be simplified, as we no longer need to redirect to an external vendor (PayPal) during event registration.  Refunds will be easier to process.  And, our monthly financial reconciliation and reporting will be greatly simplified.  StarChapter Pay is a secure PCI compliant payment service that supports Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover transactions.

Bylaws Approval - You will soon have the opportunity to review and approve our PPRC chapter bylaws.  We made minor changes to the names of two elected positions and updated the Past President role description.  These three changes better align us with PMI role definitions.  The approval process will be managed by PMI.  Expect to see an email explaining the process later this month.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you at an upcoming chapter event!


Thank you,

Aaron Sever


PMI Pikes Peak Regional, Colorado Chapter