President's Message

 As we leave 2017, I think about board transitions and what potential opportunities PPRC has available in 2018. Sarah Mandrekar and Pam Goodhue are stepping away from the board while Corrine Reed and Mary Beth Surface are replacing them. I want to wish Sarah and Pam the best as they move on to other opportunities and thank them for their willingness to volunteer for PPRC.

There are opportunities to grow in areas of Military and Educational Outreach, Registered Company Coordinators (RCC), marketing channels, speaker acquisition, new innovations such as live-streaming of chapter events, skill-sharing by presenting with other project management professionals, setting up an internal toastmasters, developing a mentor program, and working with PMI’s Education Foundation to perform more social good within the community… to name a few.  However, in order to succeed in these programs chapter volunteers are definitely needed. Fortunately for PPRC we have a strong core of volunteers dedicated to many of these goals. However, there are opportunities we cannot pursue until more chapter volunteers raise their hand.  

In 2013 a Volunteer Matrix Model (VMM) was developed to provide a volunteer ladder of succession, develop an understanding of position expectations, and identification of volunteer positions needed within the chapter. Only Level 1 has a finite number of volunteers depending on the number of positions identified in the PPRC bylaws.

VMM Level 1 volunteers (8) are the elected PPRC Board members and the Trustee who usually puts in between 20-40 hours a month on behalf of the members. They attend monthly board meetings and retreats, PMI events such as the Region 6 and global LIMs, answer member and non-member questions, prepare for meetings and workshops, research new opportunities, evaluate successes of existing programs, and make decisions on chapter operations and strategical approaches.

VMM Level 2 volunteers are appointed by the board and direct a chapter program. They are responsible for managing their respective programs, attending chapter events, working with committee volunteers, and meeting with internal and external contacts to name only a few activities.  

VMM Level 3 volunteers are those folks who report to either a Level 1 or Level 2 position, work on chapter needed projects, and can lead a small team. 

And finally, VMM Level 4 volunteers help the chapter by being available to support a couple of hours a month on duties such as a Member Ambassador, event registration, designated RCC, outreach committee member, and many other functions.

Where are you are in volunteering whether within PPRC, PMI, or another organization?  Every volunteer organization is dependent on how much its members give back, not financially, but in time, skills, and effort.  PPRC is no different.  PPRC needs dedicated volunteers who have as little as an hour a month to help maintain the chapter.  We’d appreciate your willingness to give back to the project management profession and, of course, PPRC. 

Best wishes,

Roland Cook, PMP
PMI PPRC President

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