Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a PMI Pikes Peak Regional, Colorado Chapter member?
If you are already a PMI member and wish to join PMI PPRC, you will find instructions on the Become PPRC Member page of the website.   Please contact [email protected]  if you have any additional questions. 

How do I become a PMI member?
In order to become a PMI PPRC member, you will need to be a PMI member in good standing.  To join PMI and PPRC, visit

Can I renew my PMI PPRC membership online?
There are two ways to renew both your PMI and PPRC memberships online.  For individual (non-corporate, non-student) members you can renew by clicking on this link "individual membership renewal". To renew PMI student or corporate memberships, go to and follow the steps for renewal.  Don't forget to renew your local chapter membership at the same time. 

How do I change my account information?
PMI PPRC receives our member information directly from PMI. There are some chapter information which can be updated directly on the website.  In order to update your PMI information you’ll need to log into . Under My PMI, a list will appear with information you can edit.  It is critical to keep this information updated as this is the primary way our chapter learns about these changes. You may also customize some of your settings for the PPRC website by visiting the ‘My Profile’ page. 

How do I update chapter preferences?
Log into this website ( using your PMI ID and password. Navigate to the Member Area, and choose ‘My Profile’ from the left navigation menu.  The screen will appear to show your chapter preferences. Some fields for chapter preferences can be updated here. However, membership preferences must be updated at 

I am not getting notified of upcoming chapter events. 
The chapter sends out email notifications monthly containing upcoming events. If you are not receiving the email notifications, you can add a valid email to the distribution list by entering your email address in the Newsletter Signup box located on the bottom of each webpage.  

Who is responsible for specific chapter functions?
The PMI PPRC chapter is led by a board of officers and directors appointed by the board. Each leader is responsible for specific duties. Please complete the Contact Us form and a leader will be in contact with you.

I would like to get involved and volunteer. 
What volunteer opportunities are there and what do I need to do? As a professional organization, we are all volunteers and there is plenty of opportunities to get involved. Whether you have a little time or a lot, we welcome the help! Just click on the Get Involved menu items and choose Volunteer Opportunities from the submenu. You can review each open position description in VRMS. We encourage all members to complete VRMS profile and indicate the areas in which you are interested. You can also send an email to Dir_V[email protected] with your request.

I am a new chapter member and cannot log into the chapter website. 
PMI PPRC’s member database is updated usually within 72 hours after joining on  Once PMI notifies the chapter of your membership, you will receive an automated email notification. If there is an upcoming workshop or other event that you would like to attend, feel free to contact [email protected] for assistance. 

I am an existing member and having problems logging into the chapter website. 

Every effort is made to keep the website available. However, periodically the system does need maintenance. Please contact the Director of Web Operations ([email protected]) or VP of Communications ([email protected]) for assistance.

I registered for an event (workshop or chapter meeting) and must cancel. 
Actually, you can do this yourself! Log-in to the chapter website and go to the Members Area which you can access from any page. Choose the View My Order History option from the left hand menu. You will see your order history. Click on the event Order Details for the registration you wish the cancel. The Order Detail will open. Click the Cancel Order button, located at the bottom of the Order Detail. You will be prompted to confirm your cancellation, please click Yes. That’s it, you are done. Be aware per the PPRC cancellation policy, a refund is not applicable if you do not cancel prior to 3 business days before the event (eg 11:59pm MT Monday for a Thursday event) If you have any issues or questions regarding refunds, please send an email to [email protected].

How can I claim PDUs I've earned at Chapter events?
Instructions for claiming PDUs at the PMI site are here.

I attended a chapter meeting and have PMI certification. I checked on the PMI website and my PDU is not showing.
PDUs for chapter meetings are reported to PMI for all chapter members who attend and sign-in for the chapter meeting. The PDUs are normally reported within one week following the event. Please contact the VP of Membership if you see a discrepancy. If you’re not a chapter member, you’ll need to register your PDU manually via a PMI sponsored website or app. 

I attended a workshop and need to log my PDUs.
Each project management certificate recipient is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their PDUs are reported to PMI correctly and in a timely manner.  Recent changes to the website have simplified this process and it is entirely web-based.  For each Chapter event you attend, you will receive the necessary documentation and information required to complete this process.  You should keep this in your PDU file for a minimum of one year after a recertification cycle end for audit purposes.  Specific questions can be answered from the Credential Handbook, or contact PMI Global Operations Center; email: [email protected] or phone: 610-356-4600.

I am PMI certified and need to renew my credentials

Renewing your certification just got a whole lot easier! Certification renewal is quick and easy by using the convenient online option. As you log your PDUs for workshops and chapter meetings, among other qualifying events during your recertification cycle, PMI keeps a transcript total of your PDUs. When you have reached your qualifying benchmark, PMI provides notification that you are eligible to renew. Instead of filling out a paper renewal form, PMI offers an online option that is so simple and easy to use that renewal can be completed in just minutes.

I would like a copy of the speaker’s presentation from the last chapter meeting. 
How do I get a copy? While not every presentation is available due to presenter restrictions, most speakers are willing to share their presentations with those who attended the meeting. Please send an email to [email protected] with your request. Please note that access to the presentation archive is a "members only" benefit.

What is the "Member Directory"? 
The Member Directory is a "members only" page. A member can be located by name in the Member Directory under Member Area menu option. When you locate the person you are searching for, you can view the contact information. Individual members may opt-out (or back in) of the directory and specify the information that is included in the member directory via their member profile. 

PayPal says my email address or credit card are already on a PayPal account. 
In order to pay a registration fee for a chapter event with a credit card or email that is associated with a PayPal account, you need to log into the PayPal account. To pay the registration fee without logging into PayPal, you must use both a different credit card and email address. This is a PayPal security feature to prevent unauthorized use of PayPal account information, which while you can disable the security option (on your PayPal account), doing so is not recommended.