2019 Unconference Speaker Application Form

Welcome and thank you for applying to be a speaker at the November 2019 Unconference Meeting. Please be sure to review the information on the Become a Speaker page on our website. 
All fields must be completed in order for us to consider your application.

Speaker Information

Presentation Promotional Information

IMPORTANT! The following information will be included in promotional materials and marketing activities. Please be sure that it is complete and accurate.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure your file is attached just before clicking the Submit button! If you miss any required fields the file will become unattached.

PMI prides itself on providing educational value in the keynotes, trainings, seminars and workshops that we provide. To ensure our attendees receive maximum value, we ask our speakers to provide clear learning outcomes for their sessions. To assist you in writing these clearly defined outcomes, we invite you to read to the white paper: "Developing Clear Learning Outcomes and Objectives".

Speaker Guidelines

We ask that you review and confirm that you agree with the following guidelines as a speaker at our Chapter meeting. 

I understand and agree that as a presenter, I must: 

  • Provide and distribute my own handouts unless other arrangements are specifically agreed upon. 
  • Agree that the Chapter will make your PPT available on our website. 
  • Adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics. 
  • Not discuss fees or fee ranges during my presentation. 
  • Not receive royalties or other compensation in connection with any sale or use of products during the presentation or speaking event (handouts with contact information for subsequent follow-up sales activity is permitted). 
  • Refrain from mentioning, selling or promoting any products or services that would result in financial gain for me or my companies unless I have the expressed permission from the PMI PPRC.  Products and services include, but are not limited to, books, tapes, coaching, consulting, special reports, boot camps, CDs, tele-seminars, webinars and subscriptions.