Job Posting

SUBMIT job postings (Terms & Conditions)

All job postings require approval before showing on the job board:

  • PMI PPRC Member submissions are automatically approved and shown immediately.
  • Non-member submissions are routed to the job board administrator for approval.

Note:  Jobs ‘pending approval’ are not shown on the job board.

Each job posting has an expiration date – and becomes Inactive after that date.  The information is still available to the job board, but no longer shows up in the active view.  If a longer period is required contact the job board administrator [email protected].

  • Upon submission, the expiration date will be set 30 days out.
  • On request, the job board administrator may approve extending the expiration date up to 30 days longer.
  • Our intent is to ensure only relevant, current postings are shown.

Please include information regarding the job role and duties that are expected (i.e. Job Description) as well as information on how an applicant may apply for the position. For example: 

"Interested candidates should access [] and submit their application. Questions can be answered by [Contact Name] at [Contact Number]."