Military Outreach

The Pikes Peak region is home to Peterson Air Force Base (PAFB), United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), Schriever AFB (SAFB), Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS) and Fort Carson.

Over the last decade, these installations and commands have made certifications a requirement for contractors who fill a project / program management role. As a result, military and government civilians are highly encouraged to hold a PMI certification.

President Barack Obama signed into law on December 14, 2016, the S.1550, the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA), which will enhance accountability and best practices in project and program management throughout the federal government. The legislation, strongly endorsed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), was approved by both chambers of Congress with overwhelming bi-partisan support. This law ensures military members are receiving the experience and training necessary to manage projects / programs within the military.

As a result, military members have the necessary qualifications making them eligible to apply for PMI certifications. However, many transitioning military members are not aware of or the certifications that best match their qualifications. The Military Outreach Committee will help bridge this gap.

The Pikes Peak Regional, Colorado Chapter (PPRC) therefore established the Military Outreach Committee to meet the needs of these installations and commands as well as assisting current and aspiring military project management professionals.

Our Role

The PPRC, in coordination with other PMI chapters and national PMI leaders, has initiated a local military outreach project designed to:

  • Bringing awareness of PMI to military communities
  • Inform military communities of PMI values, process, skills and certifications
  • Bring awareness of local military communities needs to PPRC
  • Provide experience to translate military skills in the PMI Certification application process
  • Establish a "mentor-protégé" program for military personnel


PPRC Military Outreach Committee Mission

Our committee leads the PMI Pikes Peak Regional Chapter’s (PMI-PPRC) military outreach activities within the chapter and in the local community by building relationships through the promotion of PMI values, processes, skills and certifications to local military personnel.

Mission Liaisons (click to contact):
Jerome Young
Jon Strahan
Paul Kolodziejski
Tom Conlon
Logan Kaim
Enrique De La Garza

PPRC Military Outreach Committee Vision

Our vision is to provide subject matter knowledge and personal experience to assist military veterans in selecting the applicable PMI certification, help them translate their skills and experience to successfully apply for the certification and to provide guidance and mentorship throughout the certification application process.

Click here for more information on our Military Outreach Committee, or contact one of our military liaisons below.

Military Outreach
Director of Military Outreach

David Wells
Military Outreach Liaison

Military Outreach Liaison

Jennifer Dunlop
Military Outreach Liaison

David Hagedorn
Military Outreach Liaison

David Harrison
Military Outreach Liaison

Gregory John
Military Outreach Liaison

Joseph Romero
Military Outreach Liaison

Bryan Edward Trinkle